At MiniMarieTea we create the things we wish existed.


The things that make MiniMarieTea unique are endless.

It's a tea made especially for kids and the whole family. It's a kinda magic too! Check out the coloring of all our blends... and yes Marie Blue really turns blue too and keeps it natural taste! The wonders of Mother Nature...

All of MiniMarieTea's blends are perfectly suitable for pregnant women too.

No theine. No Caffeine. No added sugars. No added flavors. Just pure dried fruits, flowers and herbs. All organic.

These ingredients and blends are unique. Cultivated with great care by the best certified organic farmers. Assembled with love by Marie’s mum.

The boxes are filled with the best tea bags. Unbleached and extra large (tea for two-bags). Just one tea bag is needed for two cups. Perfect to emphasize the cosiest moment of the day. 

All blends can be savoured cold brewed too. Just let the infusion brew for a few hours in a bottle in the fridge. Please read "tips" if you would like more information on how to brew the perfect MiniMarieTea.

MiniMarieTea is full of flavors, healthy and pretty. So good and trustworthy that you love to share it with your precious loved ones.

MiniMarieTea tastes just how nature intended.
These are infusions filled with nothing but goodness, inside out. That's what we wished for.