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How To Make MiniMarieTea

MiniMarieTea is the easiest infusion in the world.

This tea can never turn bitter because it doesn't contain thein/caffeine. In fact, the longer you steep the infusion, the more flavors develop and the better it gets.

So take your tea time. Don't rush. Just like all good things in life, nature takes time.

Let each blend steep for at least 5 min and as long as you want.

You can serve MiniMarieTea any way you or your child prefers: warm, tepid or cold. Never serve MiniMarieTea hot to children.

Tepid is most likely the favourite way to serve your child his or her cup.


Here's how MiniMarie likes hers:

Use a big mug (300ml.) with a top and a straw.

Pour a dash of hot/warm, decalcified, water into that mug (1/3).

Insert the MiniMarieTea bag.

Let it steep for 5 min.

Fill up the mug with tepid/cold, decalcified water (2/3).

Keep the tea bag in the mug and close the top.

Now your toddler has a whole big mug of goodness to last the whole day.


If you prefer MiniMarieTea cold brewed. Thats cool.

Just add the bag to your decalcified cold water mug and let it steep away for as long (or short) as you like.

Good to go after 10 min. or even the next morning! 


Do try MiniMarieTea cold brewed in sparkling water too! Marie's sister Jill LOVES this! 


PS. The quality of your water is of infinite importance to the quality of your tea. Obviously. Use fresh and decalcified water for a better experience.

We love the BRITA filter to make our tap water taste perfectly and help reduce plastic waste! Isabelle -Marie's mum- is an official ambassador of this brand and has loved it since forever.



Isabelle is also an official ambassador for Le Creuset water kettles, she's loved this brand ever since she loved tea. A life time. So it is with pride and joy we can recommend you these kettles to make the perfect MiniMarieTea.




Always check the temperature of your child’s tea before serving it to them. Never serve hot, as this may cause burns.

Never let your child chew on the tea bag tag or open/eat the tea bag, as this may cause choking hazard.