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What makes MiniMarieTea unique?

The first tea for kids

Pure nature, inside out

Perfect for iced tea

The herbs

Strictly whole leaf herbs and flowers of outstanding quality. No "bottom-of-the-machine" tea dust.
100% certified organic. No pesticides, no fertilizers, only pure nature.
Contains no theine nor caffeine. No sugar nor additives. Never turns bitter, only gets better.

The packaging


 Extra large tea bags, enough for a teapot-for-two or a huge cup of tea.

Tea bags are 100% natural, made of corn. No bleach, no plastic, no staples, no glue.
We care about nature. Our tea bags are biodegradable. We strive to minimize plastic in our packaging.

The fun

For kids and parents alike, from age 0 to 100. Enjoy precious tea moments with the entire family.
Turns water into magic. And yes, Marie Blue really turns blue!
Works warm and cold. For ice tea, simply steep in cold water.