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MiniMarieTea - Marie Blue
Marie Blue - 12 XL Tea Bags
Marie Blue - 12 XL Tea Bags

Marie Blue - 12 XL Tea Bags

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Infusion chamomile - lemon verbena - mallow

100% organic. No added flavors. No added sugars. Just how nature intended.

No thein/caffeine.

A Marie Blue box contains 12 unbleached XL tea bags. Each tea bag can be used for 2 cups or a small pot. Perfect to enjoy tea-for-two and make moments.

Take your tea time, so all the flavors of nature can develop: steep for at least 5 minutes.

Delicious cold brewed too: leave the tea bag overnight in a bottle in the fridge. Easy!

Ingredients: 60% chamomile, lemon verbena, mallow

Net weight: 12 x 2 g: 24 g