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What makes MiniMarieTea unique?

Developed with families in mind

MiniMarieTea is a range of delicious, all natural and high quality organic infusions for all ages, founded by Marie's mum. Now kids can enjoy their tea time too. It contains no theine or caffeine and is healthy inside out, making it a great choice for children. MiniMarieTea makes drinking water fun - try Marie Blue and see the magic happen!

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Unbleached, compostable tea bags

MiniMarieTea is healthy inside out! As opposed to most tea bags which are synthetic, our tea bags are made of corn. They're 100% natural and compostable - no bleach, no plastic, no staples, no glue. They are also extra large, enough for a huge cup or a teapot for two, so you can share your tea and make moments!

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Unrivaled quality

As opposed to most tea brands, we don't use any added aroma's, in fact NO ADDED NOTHING: No theine. No Caffeine. No added sugars. No added flavors. NO NASTIES! Pure & organic dried fruits, flowers and herbs, that's it. MiniMarieTea is 100% healthy and natural inside out!

This is why MiniMarieTea infusions can never turn bitter. In fact, the longer you steep the infusion, the more flavors develop and the better it gets. 

Our herbs are strictly whole leaf/ big cut. You don't get the "bottom-of-the-machine" tea dust you find in many commercial teas today.

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