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Relive the MiniMarieTea x BRITA event at the Antwerp Zoo

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MiniMarieTea is available in the following Delhaize supermarkets:

Grimbergen, Heverlee, Keerbergen, Kessel-Lo, Mechelen, Melsbroek, Overijse, Wezembeek-Oppem


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MiniMarieTea is available in over 100 stores, webshops and bars.

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Our story

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What makes MiniMarieTea unique?

Developed with kids in mind

MiniMarieTea contains no theine, caffeine, sugar nor additives. Steep as long as you want: your tea will never turn bitter, only get better. MiniMarieTea makes drinking water fun - try Marie Blue and see the magic happen!

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Unbleached, biodegradable tea bags

As opposed to most tea bags which are synthetic, our tea bags are made of corn. They're 100% natural and compostable - no bleach, no plastic, no staples, no glue. Oh yes, they're also extra large, enough for a huge cup or a teapot for two.

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Cold brew, bottle-ready

Making ice tea has never been easier. MiniMarieTea doesn't require hot water - simply drop a tea bag in a glass or water bottle, top up with ice and off you go. You prefer hot? Don't worry,  our blends work equally well in hot water.

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Endorsed by the royals

"It's an excellent product. The colors are beautiful, and it tastes great!"

- Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Watch our videos

We receive questions about MiniMarieTea and tea in general on a daily basis. As we noticed a lot of questions are similar or touch upon the same topic, we decided to start making vlogs that will hopefully help you find answers. Enjoy watching!

Vlog episode #1

Why I made MiniMarieTea

Vlog episode #2

Making (n)ice tea with MiniMarieTea

Vlog episode #3

Fun facts about tea

Vlog episode #4

Making chai latte with Marie Brown

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