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How to prepare MiniMarieTea?

MiniMarieTea is the easiest infusion in the world!

Fill a large mug (300 ml) or a small teapot (up to 500 ml) with freshly boiled (+90°C), decalcified water. Insert a MiniMarieTea tea bag (or add loose leaves to a teapot with filter) and submerge properly in the water.

Steep for at least 5 minutes. If you like strong flavours, steep longer. Don't worry, your tea will not get bitter due to the fact that MiniMarieTea doesn't contain any artificial aromas or thein. After steeping, remove the tea bag and start enjoying.

IMPORTANT: Always test the water temperature before serving hot liquids to a child.

TIP: Always make sure to first pour the water, and only then add the herbs. This way, the herbs will release their flavours more gently, leading to a better result in your cup.

Who can drink MiniMarieTea?

Newborns - 2 years


Toddlers and infants (+2 years)




Pregnant women


Vegans and vegetarians


Diabetes patients


People with gluten intolerance


Does Marie Blue really turn blue?

Yes it does! But only for a few seconds, then the chamomile takes the upper hand and the infusion turns yellow because we work with 100% natural ingredients, no colorings and no artificial flavours!

Every tea bag will yield a different result. This can be due to slightly different herb to herb ratios when filling the tea bags, but can also differ from harvest to harvest.  

How to prepare iced tea?

MiniMarieTea is an excellent base for iced tea. To prepare, steep the herbs in a small amount of hot water to extract the flavours. Remove the tea bag and top up with cold water and ice cubes. If you don't have ice, refridgerate for a couple of hours.

Don't hesitate to experiment. Pimp your iced tea with a slice of orange, lemon, fresh mint leaves, a cinnamon stick or fresh cranberries.

MiniMarieTea can be stored up to 8 hours at room temperature, or up to 12 hours in your fridge. After 12 hours, pour away any leftovers and brew a fresh pot.

What makes our tea bags unique?

As opposed to most tea bags which are synthetic or bleached, MiniMarieTea tea bags are made from GMO-free corn. They're 100% natural and compostable - no bleach, no plastic, no staples, no glue.

Give nature a hand by making sure you throw used bio-degradable tea bags in your organic waste bin.

The bags are extra large, with more herbs than any other brand. One bag will easily serve two people, or a large tumbler or bottle of up to 0,5 litre.

The reason why we use larger amounts of herbs is simple: we don't use any artifical flavors.

As corn is less strong than synthetic fabric, we advise to be extra careful when pulling the the tag off the tea bag. Simply hold the tag, and pull gently.

We're committed to minimizing plastic waste. By Early 2019, we'll replace all conventional plastic in our packaging with biodegradable material.

What makes our ingredients special?

Organic whole leaf herbs, fruits & flowers, and nothing else

As opposed to most tea brands, we don't use any added aroma's, in fact NO ADDED NOTHING:

No theine. No Caffeine. No added sugars. No added flavors. NO NASTIES! Pure & organic dried fruits, flowers and herbs, that's it. MiniMarieTea is 100% healthy and natural inside out!

This is why MiniMarieTea infusions can never turn bitter. In fact, the longer you steep the infusion, the more flavors develop and the better it gets. So take your tea time. Don't rush. Just like all good things in life, nature takes time.

Our herbs are strictly whole leaf/ big cut. You don't get the "bottom-of-the-machine" tea dust you find in many commercial teas today. Whole leaf means it's packed with natural flavour and aromas, while at the same time bringing a visual sensation when the herbs and flowers unfold in the water.

100% organic and safe for kids

MiniMarieTea (or rather the parent company Happy Bags) is certified organic under EU legislation. The certificate has been issed by Certisys (BE-BIO-01).

We're producing the infusions according to the highest hygienic and safety standards. All herbs are subject to microbiological analysis before being sent over to our packaging facilities. This means just one thing: MiniMarieTea is safe for kids.

Our company is registered at the federal agency for the safety of the food chain (FASFC) and holds the FASFC permission (n° AER/VBR/020978) to make and sell MiniMarieTea.